Player Character Creation Guidelines

Rolling Ability Scores

Your character needs scores for Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. The base ability scores are determined by rolling 3D6 and placeing them in the order they are rolled for each ability.

If you don’t like the results you rolled you can try to adjust them to suit your needs. Consult Table 3D for class ability requirements. You can adjust Ability Scores by burning off two (2) points from one ability and adding one (1) point to another

Choose a Race

Choose what race your character will be. Your options will be somewhat dictated by the Ability Scores you rolled. Each race has its own maximum or minimum limitations on certain abilities. Consult PHB for a compiled list of racial ability score requirements. Then adjust the character’s scores as indicated on the table for the race you’ve chosen.

Record Racial abilities and talents

Find the description for the race you’ve chosen. Consult the PHB listings and record the character’s special racial abilities. It’s also a good idea to read through the descriptions for any additional racial abilities which were not listed.

Select a Class and Record your class abilities and bonuses

Consult the PHB listings in the racial descriptions section, and select a class that is available to your character’s race and one that you qualify for with your current Ability Scores. This information is also compiled for all of the races on restriction table.

Consult the description for the class you’ve chosen, and record any abilities and bonuses derived from that profession. For example, if your character is a thief, record his base thieving skills on the Character Sheet Provided by the DM.

Choose an Alignment

Abide by class restrictions when choosing your alignment

Record Saving Throws

See Saving Throws Table.

Roll Hit Points

At the time of Character Creation Players will receive full hit die pluse any Constitution bonus for your character based upon your character class at 1st level. After 1st level all Player Characters will roll the appropriate hit die for your character from then on pluse any Constitution bonus.

Record Base Movement

Find the character’ base movement rate and record it. Also record the encumbrance categories from Table as well as modified movement rates and combat abilities.

Equip your character.

Check with your DM and determine if you’re allowed to equip your character out-of-game. (i.e. choosing what you want from the equipment lists in Chapter 9, rolling for availability and making your purchases.) Some GMs require beginning characters to make all their purchases in the game (i.e. you must actually role-play your interactions with the merchants).

Don’t forget to determine your character’s armor class rating for any armor worn. Also be sure to modify your base AC by your defensive adjustment.

Record the weight, size, damage, rate of fire, and range information for each weapon carried. Include type and speed factors also.

Have GameMaster review Character and certify.

Obtain DM approval and post a copy in the Character section, also be sure to make two paper copies of your character-one for the DM files and the other to play with.

Player Character Creation Guidelines

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